How did this All Start

bill bohack

It all began with an oil spill. A company that was truly negligent, and a group of people that just wanted to help others, and a website called

What it has grown into is a passion to educate and inform people, and get them justice. It`s been a rocky road, and the job is far from done.

We have a very substantial network of Pharmaceutical Claims websites that assists us in spotting trends. Often what we see is that there are other side effects associated with the drugs or medical devices that are not covered in the mass tort settlements or are indeed not known by the general population.

It is our goal to assist people in making educated and informed decisions about the Prescribed Drugs they take or how a certain medical device may affect them or their loved ones.

We have decided to start tracking the data from our websites and alerting those that may be in a position to help people.

Those people include the members of  Plaintiff Steering Committees so that they have the data of the other side effects that we see occurring.

As we trend data to them and others that may be able to assist people or open up Settlements for those suffering side effects that are not yet covered but should be.