David Tibbs of Digital Maze and Internet Extortion

In December of 2011 I had the misfortune of meeting David Tibbs of Digital Maze. David was one of our SEO guys for some of our websites. David handled some of the seo work for BPClaims.org and assorted other sites.

David Tibbs was originally working from his home in England and would later move to Thailand. I should have known better then to hire a guy from England to help with BPClaims.org.

When we had 2 of our sites ranking above the sites for the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Sites,

Pat Juneau asked us to put a banner saying we were not them, we had no problem with that because we were getting lots of calls for them, and that`s not what we wanted, we asked David to change out the banners, but he insisted on making them small and unreadable, after going round and round with him, the Judge came down with an order and we hired another guy to get the job done. In the end we built some wonderful relationships with the people that ran the settlement.

His behavior became extremely erratic and he started to make threats if we did not continue to pay him. We put him to work on 3 pharma sites, that he never completed.

Eventually we reached an agreement with David to pay him $ 1,200.00 per month. Until he was paid back a total of $40,000.00.

After paying him for 4 months he wanted it up to 2,000.00 per month or else he would make me look like a pedophile online, of which I am not.

I told him that was not our deal, and 2 weeks later he kept his promise. I would and will not give in to Internet Extortion.

I am not the first person David has done this to. It`s almost been a year now of David`s relentless effort to hurt my reputation and to bury us in business if we do not pay him..

David runs competing sites such as

accutaneclaims.us   granufloclaims.org

Vaginalmeshclaims.us  zoloftclaims.us


Below you will find emails and skype conversations from David Tibbs.

This was the post I never wanted to write but was advised I should.

Here are skypes from Mr. Tibbs:[10/13/13 7:54:09 AM] David Tibbs: hows life, its about to get a whole lot worse if you dont pay me what you owe.
[10/13/13 7:55:07 AM] David Tibbs: by the way, ive stopped the backlinking with all that bad stuff about you. I just wanted you to see how quick you can be ruined online. act quick though or it will be starting again tomorrow
[10/13/13 7:55:20 AM] David Tibbs: google bill bohack sarasota
[10/13/13 7:55:21 AM] David Tibbs: ouch
[10/13/13 7:55:27 AM] David Tibbs: its stopped for noew
[10/13/13 7:55:29 AM] David Tibbs: now
[10/13/13 7:55:49 AM] David Tibbs: so get your shit together and come back with how your going to pay me my money
[10/13/13 7:56:05 AM] David Tibbs: or it will get a fuck lot worse. the truth about you is pending
[10/13/13 7:57:49 AM] David Tibbs: i done a lot of homeowork on you. i see you inhereted all your mothers business then pissed it all up against a wall, got drugged up with robyn killing her, you really do have blood on your hands. how do you live with yourself bill? your an incompetent se;lfish ass holw and always have been from what im finding out. its all going on your new website with pics so even you cant understand it.
[10/13/13 7:57:55 AM] David Tibbs: russian (rofl)
[10/13/13 7:58:28 AM] David Tibbs: (rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl) BA of science (rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)
[10/13/13 7:58:38 AM] David Tibbs: you are so full of shit i feel sorry for you
[10/13/13 7:58:52 AM] David Tibbs: now get me my money before you get raped in the ass
[10/13/13 7:59:16 AM] David Tibbs: bill bohack sarasota <<<<<<< google it!!!!!
[10/13/13 7:59:21 AM] David Tibbs: ouch
[10/13/13 7:59:59 AM] David Tibbs: just the start. of course its not me doing all this, i have a freind of a friend that destroys people online. so you simply cannot stop what is coming
[10/13/13 8:00:13 AM] David Tibbs: (bandit)
[10/13/13 8:02:55 AM] David Tibbs: page 3 of google onwards
[10/13/13 8:03:06 AM] David Tibbs: still time to tell me how your gonna pay up
[10/14/13 1:11:58 AM] David Tibbs: boooooo
[10/14/13 1:13:13 AM] David Tibbs: hey your skype says happy. I would change it to “i lost eveything cuz of penguin” LOL!!!!!!
[10/14/13 1:13:20 AM] David Tibbs: wamker
[10/14/13 6:55:50 AM] David Tibbs: wakey wakey
[10/14/13 6:55:55 AM] David Tibbs: what you doing today?
[10/14/13 6:56:01 AM] David Tibbs: crying about bpclaims
[10/14/13 6:56:18 AM] David Tibbs: money bill. or its the last of your worries. trust
[10/14/13 6:56:49 AM] David Tibbs: you brought all this on yourself, useless cunt with money. sell your house. i will get my money or your going down
[10/14/13 9:43:59 AM] David Tibbs: time is ticking, u better explin how your gonna pay. before you become sarasotas number 1 criminal & pedo.

The David Tibbs of Digital Maze kept to his threats.

Here are some of David Tibbs emails to Us.

David tibbs <tdtibbs@gmail.com>Sep 25

to william

1200 is not enough. I will build my business to destroy yours, you think you can control me with you petty payout? From this month is 2k a month. When I get up in the morning you had better have emailed and agreed or you can shove your money up your nigger ass and you can kiss your business and life goodbye because I will dedicate mine to making sure you never work again. 2k or nothing. I still have your website ready to go, its always there. You would need to change your name. bp claims will be gone within weeks. You want that cunt? You took everything I had away with your lies and bullshit, now its my turn. Right now links for Viagra are being dropped at over 1k a min. by the morning that’s a lot of links  plus my indexing service with red flag Bpclaims within days.. You take your time william. You take your time, come back with a better offer  how you will repay me, and I will stop the backlinking BP.

Tomorrow I will start on all your pharma sites, tomorrow google gets the heads up on your network and 301s. its over cunt. Its just the beginning. Its just the beginning. Threats are all I have left. Promises I can assure.

Eventually BPClaims.org would get a manual penalty from Google.

Re: Hope your putting together a plan. The piece of sca

David Tibbs <tdtibbs@gmail.com>


to me
Bill I’m watching every project your involved with. They will all be gone. The website all about you is going live at the end of the month if you don’t get my money to me. No one will touch you. U will lose your house, maybe your wife, and decently your kids, oh yes mate I’ve told you, everything you care about. Everything. I will crush you like the scamming shit you are. Get my money to me or your going to loose everything. The IRS, FBI, local health people, your counseling, your kids schools, I will be in touch with every last thing our connected to and destroy it all. You would need to move. I’m tracking your father down right now. I will always be there in your shadow, so fucking pay me off before your life and your family is destroyed

Sent from my iPad

Kind Regards

David Tibbs| Director| Digital Maze Marketing

David Tibbs <tdtibbs@gmail.com>

Feb 7

to Bill, me

Some special sauce coming your way. It’s not looking good bohack . Pay up what you owe my company or I swear I will ruin you. Take me to court your fucking nonce.

Your rep shit is so funny, let the guys show you how it’s done. Some new shit going down from what I know including warning emails to millions of Americans warning them about you and your scams. Lock up your kids folks bohack is loose (for now)

Till my last breathe

Sent from my iPad

say good bye to your sites, im reclaiming my expenses on you



Feb 28 (5 days ago)

to me, Bill

This site will be smashed to fuck beginning tonight. I was going to let you go, but you’re a cunt that owes me 16k. If you want a life time of getting fucked over and your reputation fucked up that fine. I have dedicated servers ready to backlink and put your name out there as the con man you are.


Pay me what you owe my company or fucking go to hell. I will cost you the earth in rep managing and negative seo. Everything you do I will make sure you fail. You’re a conning cunt and you got it coming


Just wait when google updates.


By the way, you’re a dick with neg seo on my sites, you cant even get that right


Kind Regards


David Tibbs| Director| Digital Maze Marketing



UK:  +441908889332

SE Asia:  +66 829810814

USA:  +19543244622

Australia:  +61286078251



The information contained in this e-mail and any attachments is confidential and may be the subject of legal, professional or other  privilege. It is intended only for the named addressee(s) and may not be disclosed to anyone else without the consent of Yasmin Claims. If you are not the named addressee you must not use, disclose, distribute, copy, print or rely on the contents of the e-mail and should destroy it immediately

 Here are some emails David Tibbs sent to another person he was building a Visa site for. I have taken out the email of the person who received them.

From: David Tibbs [mailto:david.tibbs@digitalmaze.co.uk]
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2012 3:23 AM
Subject: say good bye to your websites

last chance peter, please amend the bank details on the digital maze USA account or I will be forced to launch a new website with your name all over it warning investors you are a crook, maybe then you can see the real power of SEO, plus its all too easy for us to have you websites de indexed in google forever. meaning your sites will be dead in the water. im sick of your bullshit, sort this out. or the site will go live next week and you can kiss your business goodbye asshole. you still owe me money by the way, so you can xoom the 1000 dollars over at your first chance. im not fucking here.







01234 709949

07540 588723


SKYPE: Digital Maze






The information contained in this e-mail and any attachments is confidential and may be the subject of legal, professional or other privilege. It is intended only for the named addressee(s) and may not be disclosed to anyone else without the consent of Digital Maze Ltd. If you are not the named addressee you must not use, disclose, distribute, copy, print or rely on the contents of the e-mail and should destroy it immediately.


Company Number 07029699 Registered Address: Digtal Maze Ltd, Gold Street Riseley Bedford. This e-mail message has been swept for the presence of computer viruses, howe


From: David Tibbs [mailto:david.tibbs@digitalmaze.co.uk]
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 10:25 AM
Subject: proposition


dear Peter


I have secured several partners around the USA for the EB5 website leads and this is looking very good, I have an office opening up in Bangkok in 4 weeks that will be running the Chinese side and SEA Asia countries. Im offering the Florida partnership for you to take the leads, Ive already received 2, so looks very profitable. I cannot work with you direct as anyone who is as patronising and all about themselves are not how we do business in the UK. We work on solid communication and transparency which unfortunately you cannot provide. If you want the leads you need to let me know in the next few days, this is big, and plenty of bigger fish in Florida than you. I will dominate the online market just to prove a point to you what I do is extremely specialist. ( remember you don’t need me for your businesses! watch this space),. You had your chance to work with me, but your attitude to others sucks. there will be no room for any of the things you want to peruse on the internet, My sites will be there, so if you want the leads fine, if not then I would find another niche to work in. The 500k real estate investment visa website is nearly complete and again I’m looking for partners, your welcome to jump on board, if not then that’s fine too.









01234 709949

07540 588723


SKYPE: Digital Maze

If he has done this to you please email me at Bill@BPClaims.org

Just after publishing this I got another email from David Tibbs, here it is.

David Tibbs

9:42 PM (20 minutes ago)

to me

just a quicky to see if your any closer to paying off the money you owe me. Its stands at 36k and I will peruse you until you pay. Things are getting heavy, your a proper laughing stock in the seo world, you have become the target practice of choice. Its never going to end, only get worse for you until you are out of business……..it will NEVER END!!

pay the money and go your way and rebuild you shit. If not then the world and law firms will know you are an evil cunt. every site every project. we can see all your new sites, testosterone and all the others, we are monitoring your back inks and sending spam reports to google daily. its costing you money and will get way worse. i was told yesterday there is something real good coming your way, it will shut down all your websites, thats all im can say, but know i dont get my hands dirty with you any more, I leave that to everyone else including someone you also fucked over before……..its all coming to an end….
do the right thing and settle your debts…..or pay the ultimate price…..

till my last breath

5/16/2014 new David Tibbs Threat

David Tibbs
to me
5 hours ago

time to smash your sites with juicy indexed links again cunt chops. penguin 3.0 is about to roll out…..watch what happens…hope your spending loads on rep…HAHA!!!!!!!!!

till my last breath


David Tibbs

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