David Tibbs and Bill Bohack Lipitor Lawsuit attack

This is the beginning of a first hand account of internet extortion at it’s finest. My business has to do with helping people get legal help and finding the claims results they are entitled to. I have handled cases from pharmaceutical claims to claims from the BP oil spill. As you can imagine, this type of business has very much to do with an online presence and so this left me with the need to outsource SEO experts to assist me with optimizing all of my many sites for my fast growing business.

I worked very closely for a while with a man by the name of David Tibbs of the UK. During this time, we worked well together until there was a discrepancy on one of the BP sites. After David Tibbs and I ( Bill Bohack )decided to part ways, we worked out a monthly severance package. This was to include $1,200 per month to be paid and in return certain projects were to be maintained. After four months, Mr. Tibbs emailed me to inform me that $1,200 was no longer enough and he would require that I pay him $2,000 per month, almost double the agreement, or he would ruin me, my family, and my business. In the meantime, the work that was the trade off for the severance package was not completed and so my reply was that I would not give into extortion and that would be that.

From:     David Tibbs <tdtibbs@gmail.com>
Subject:     kiss everything goodbye conning c***.
Date:     September 25, 2013 1:09:24 PM EDT
To:     william bohack <bill@bpclaims.org>

“1200 is not enough. I will build my business to destroy yours, you think you can control me with you petty payout? From this month is 2k a month. When I get up in the morning you had better have emailed and agreed or you can shove your money up your n***** ass and you can kiss your business and life goodbye because I will dedicate mine to making sure you never work again. 2k or nothing.”

However, that was certainly not that and David Tibbs began a full scale personal attack on me defaming me as a child molester and a con artist. He began to contact my business associates and threaten my family and my financial well being, all documented via email.

On 10/13/2013 David Tibbs wrote:

“Your all over the internet dude, I had no idea you were such a bad man. This can stop anytime, come to the table and tell me how you plan to pay me. I did not touch your Bp site, so I’ve not broken any agreement. Right now your on page 4 if you google your name. This will be page one within days and there is only one small campaign happening. Imaging this on a massive scale.”

Full scale was certainly the understatement of the year. David Tibbs continues to sabotage my business sites, my client relationships, malign my name on Google, and act unprofessionally in his own business practices, especially the ones that compete directly with my business.  I will continue to maintain that unethical business practices are not for me and that I will not be extorted by David Tibbs, especially since there was a breach in contract and also a lack of maturity in handling the situation.